Musings on the Meaning Of Winter Solstice and Change

AS I WATCHED THE SUN SET over the Pacific Ocean on this 21st day of December, I thought about what the shortest day of the year means to me: renewal, turning of the seasons, change. Speaking of change, I had just finished reading yet another article on the new artificial […]

Stonehenge at dawn , Wiltshire, UK

7 Signs of Creative Burnout and What to Do About It

Guest Post by Ainsley Lawrence YOU’VE GOT MULTIPLE PROJECTS, a full personal life, and hardly any energy or enthusiasm to tackle either. Sound familiar? When you have so much going on in your life but feel like you have nothing to give, you may be stretching yourself too thin. And […]

WOW Blog Tour – Author Interview with Mari McCarthy 5

I AM EXCITED ABOUT today’s author interview with Mari McCarthy and her new book, Heal Your Self With Journaling Power. As you know, journaling is near and dear to my heart, the reason I founded WritingThroughLife, and a huge part of my ongoing daily writing and teaching practice. Read on […]