Best Writing Year Yet

Your Best Writing Year Yet! – Question Everything 3

IN THIS SERIES on writing productivity, I have borrowed heavily from general principles of productivity that, when applied to work and life in general, can bring about positive results. These principles include setting and achieving goals, and managing and maximizing your writing time. But does ALL advice about productivity translate […]

Your Best Writing Year Yet! – Resting From Your Labors 2

SINCE 1884, Americans have enjoyed a day of rest on the first Monday of every September. A creation of the Labor Movement, the holiday is meant to celebrate the social and economic achievements of organized labor, which brought us better wages, reasonable hours (imagine working 12 hour days, 6 days […]

Your Best Writing Year Yet! Dealing With Energy Thieves 3

JUST AS WE EACH have a limited amount of physical strength, we each have a limited store of energy each day. There’s only so much energy for focus, motivation, and self-control. Only so much energy for creative activities such as writing. Have you noticed that sometimes you feel a high […]