If You Had Asked Me – A Retrospective

A YEAR AGO last month, I was celebrating the loss of 30 unwanted pounds and embarking on a bicycle tour of the Coeur d’Alene trail in Idaho. My heart was filled with gratitude, the world was wide open, and anything — truly, anything! — seemed possible. During the tour, my […]

Picture of cloud with silver lining and rays of light

Silver Linings – Guest Post by Barbara Toboni 11

WHEN I’M FEELING LOW, I write. When I’m feeling anxious about circumstances that are beyond my control, journaling helps me to clarify my thoughts and process what is happening. This pandemic is an enigma for the ages. My age, my times. I wanted to record my feelings about it. January […]

My Personal Pandemic – Guest Post by Jeanie Miller 15

THIS MORNING, I was happily nosing around in the back yard, checking to see if my latest veggie plantings were thriving or if everything was watered sufficiently. I even potted a flowering plant in a pot I decorated myself — with mosaic tiles (a ten-year project). As I moved the […]

The Freedom We Fight For 5

THIS IS A MEMORIAL DAY like no other in the history of Memorial Days. And it seems fitting on this day when we honor those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom, to ask the question, “What is the freedom we fight for?” It might seem like […]