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Journaling to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom 9

YOU ARE WISE. Your inner being, soul, Self, intuition, psyche — whatever you want to call it — knows more than you realize. And journaling can be an effective way of tapping into this inner wisdom. But how does it work? Carl Jung is famous for having given us many of […]

Journal Writing Tips: Telling the Truth 7

Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true. ~ Demosthenes ONE of the most challenging aspects about journal writing for the purpose of self-knowledge and growth is learning to tell the truth to yourself. After all, we don’t really want to […]

Blogtalk: What Does it Mean to be “Secure”? 1

WHEN I think of the word security, I think first of the emotional kind that comes with confidence, a strong sense of self and purpose, and a fearless solidity in the world. I think of a kind of underlying strength that stands sure-footed against the winds of adversity and time. […]

Why Write? Exercise Creativity 3

Inside each of us is a deep well of creative energy, and writing is one way to pump this creativity to the surface. For example, we can use writing prompts to give our imagination a workout, for fun, or as exercises to warm up to our intended writing tasks. Once […]

Blogtalk: Learning More With Reflective Journaling 5

JOURNAL WRITING sites, such as Writing Through Life, talk a lot about reflective journaling as a way to think about and gain insights from your personal experiences and emotional/spiritual journey. But reflective journaling also has broader applications. Char Paul’s articles on the use of reflective journaling in the study of literature […]

Sensory Details: Handwriting Trains the Brain 26

GIVEN my preference for journaling and writing on the computer rather than writing by hand, I thought a recent Wall Street Journal article, “How Handwriting Trains the Brain” (10/5/2010), was interesting. The gist of the article was that the practice of handwriting improves the ability to develop and express ideas. […]

Writing Your Way Through Sadness 13

JOURNAL WRITING has many purposes, but it is probably best known for its ability to help us process emotions — especially emotions that we consider negative or painful. I believe that when we resist our emotions, avoid, suppress, or ignore them because they are negative or painful, they don’t go away but lodge in our bodies. On the other hand, writing through emotions allows us to fully feel them, process them, and move (or express) them through and out of our bodies, resulting in healthier emotional and physical states of being.

Why Write? Personal Growth 2

Journal writing helps you explore how your responses to events in the past affect your life in the present. Reflecting on how you have reacted to past experiences and the subsequent results can help you understand what is and is not working in your life. This understanding brings with it the opportunity to take future actions that are healthy rather than harmful, helping you to grow as an individual. To be who you want to be.

The Gift of Affirmation 1

I LOVE browsing blogs to see what other people are journaling about, because they either give me new ideas or remind me of ones I’d forgotten about. Affirmations. Another wonderful reason and way to journal!