The Gift of Affirmation 1

ANOTHER WONDERFUL REASON and way to journal is affirmation!

I’m so hard on myself at times, that I need someone to tell me that I’m really okay, that I’m doing a good job, that my life and my work are making a difference. So, this morning I sat right down and wrote a few:

  1. I take good care of my health.
  2. I’m loving and kind to others.
  3. I work hard and do the best I can.
  4. I have positive contributions to make to others’ lives.
  5. My grandchildren love me!
  6. I love and am loved (what could be better than that?)
  7. I’m a good cook. …

What I soon realized — or rather, remembered — is that the more I look for good things about myself, the easier it is to find them. And the best part about affirming myself is that I end up feeling pretty darn good.

If you have a difficult time loving yourself or believing that what you do makes a difference to others, I encourage you to include writing affirmations to yourself as a form of journaling. Once a day, once a week, or even once a month.

Start small. What did you do today that felt good? What skills do you have? What have your learned recently? What did you do for someone else? Make a list of at least five affirmations — five things for which you can praise yourself.

But don’t stop there. Make a list of five things for which you can praise someone close to you — someone you love. Maybe it’s someone you haven’t been getting along with as well lately. All the better. And then be sure to share that list with him or her.

Share the love.


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One thought on “The Gift of Affirmation

  • Linda Hoye

    Amber I read this on my phone this afternoon (in teeny tiny words) and made a note to myself to come to your site when I got home to reread and comment. Often we forget outselves in and amongst all of the busyness that takes our attention every day. Thank you for this reminder to affirm ourselves for our own giftings and gifts.