Journaling Prompt: Is Life a Classroom? 7

I’ve heard it said that each of us comes to Earth with a purpose, with something to learn and something to contribute. Certainly, we all learn from life as we live it, but the concept of life as a kind of spiritual classroom has always fascinated me. Think about it: if this idea is true, it implies that we exist before we come into the world and that we will exist when we leave it; it implies that we come into this world with a deficit and an intention to address that deficit; and it implies that there is a larger scheme to life than what we can know or experience.

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I’m not sure whether I agree with this life-as-school theory, only bringing it up because I think it’s worth exploring and discussing. Our beliefs and thoughts around this subject reveal a lot about our basic frame of reference. After all, the metaphors we hold are the lens through which we see the world.

Journaling prompts:

  1. Do you believe that some part of you exists before and after life? Yes or no, what is the origin of your point of view?
  2. Do you think a primary purpose of life is to educate our souls? Why or why not?
  3. Whether or not you agree with the concept, use your imagination to answer these next prompts.

If life is a school …

  • What is the purpose of this school?
  • Is it graded or pass-fail? What reasons do you have for your answer?
  • Is it structured or unstructured?
  • What are your major subjects and life lessons?
  • We all have people in our lives who function as teachers and mentors. Who are yours, and how have they contributed to your life?

How do you feel about this topic, and what other metaphors do you hold that help you understand life?


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7 thoughts on “Journaling Prompt: Is Life a Classroom?

  • Sharon Lippincott

    Life as a classroom. Scary or a promise? Could anyone fail Life 101? Or is this Life 796? Is it Pass/Fail or a graded experience? Intriguing questions.

    Jerry Waxler (The Memoir Revolution) and I were talking last weekend about a widespread reluctance we’ve observed among people outside the Charismatic Christian community to talk or write about things of the spirit. Is this due to a reluctance to sound like proselytizers? But if we don’t share beliefs with others in respectful ways, how can we hope to understand and build bridges?

    Journaling is a safe and enlightening way to get clear so we can write more openly. I’m reaching for my journal right now to work on this Earth School homework assignment.

  • patsy ann taylor

    At the risk of sounding preachy, I will say this: Yes, I believe there is a place from which we come and another to which we return. But only after a period of time on this earth doing what we were put here to do. Whatever that may be.
    Thank you for the thought provoking prompts. But I guess that’s what a prompt is about, isn’t it? : )

  • Sara Etgen-Baker

    I would agree with the Earth School concept and personally believe that we have an intention and purpose (at the soul level) that we are to do while on earth. I also agree that as a species we need more “spiritual” conversations and less “religious” conversations. We’re evolving as a species, and I’d like to believe that we’re growing past the need for religious dogma. Sharing and growing spiritually builds bridges of understanding, insight, and wisdom.

  • Barbara Toboni

    Amber: I agree with “we exist before we come into the world and that we will exist when we leave it” This is a very hopeful concept, also hopeful is that we all have a purpose. Otherwise what is the point?