Journaling Tips

Tips to enhance and deepen your journaling experience.

How to Use Journaling to Find Your Truth 1

Guest Post by María José Bianchi I STARTED JOURNALING when I needed my truth the most. It was a time in my life when I felt stuck, lost, and miserable, but I didn’t know why. At the time, I supposed my unhappiness had something to do with my career. Five […]

Truth word behind a torn paper.

My Top 7 Journaling Tips 2

WHETHER YOU’RE NEW to journaling or have been journaling for years, it’s helpful to know what works for others — what keeps them motivated to continue journaling on a regular basis, as well as what keeps their journaling experience fresh and enlightening. So I’ve decided to share the top 7 […]

5 Ways to Reduce Stress through Journaling 9

Stress is a normal, physical, chemical reaction to danger, to change, deadlines, and the unknown. Stress can motivate you to action and help you meet the challenges of everyday life. It is meant, biologically speaking, to help you in the short term. But in this age of over stimulus from […]

Journaling Tips: Write Different-ly 4

In a rut with your journal writing, basically saying the same things over and over? Want to be more creative? Consider the following tips to Write Different-ly: Upside down In pencil Lying on the floor In bed Out of bed In the garden At the Library With crayons, or pastels […]