Journaling Techniques

Journaling to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom 9

YOU ARE WISE. Your inner being, soul, Self, intuition, psyche — whatever you want to call it — knows more than you realize. And journaling can be an effective way of tapping into this inner wisdom. But how does it work? Carl Jung is famous for having given us many of […]

7 Innovative Journaling Techniques You’ll Want to Try 5

DO YOU FEEL bored or stuck in your journaling practice, or have you had a difficult time starting or being consistent with your writing? Using the same technique every day, whether it’s morning pages or free-writing or writing prompts, can lead to writing that feels repetitive and shallow. Journaling can […]

3 Steps for Writing Through Resistance to Release 6

WHENEVER YOU FEEL overwhelmed, find yourself doing things you really don’t want to do, or just otherwise feel that life isn’t going the way you want, you are experiencing some degree of resistance. You may tend to react by ignoring your feelings and pushing through the resistance in order to accomplish […]

7 Easy Ways to Generate Endless Journal Writing Prompts 8

WHETHER YOU’RE NEW TO JOURNALING or have been doing it for years, it’s beneficial to shake things up now and again — use a new technique or approach your writing from a new perspective. A fun activity is to generate your own journal writing prompts. What makes journaling prompts different from […]

2 Powerful Ways to Deepen Your Journal Writing 3

Last week I wrote about ways to get out of a writing rut. Shallow writing is a similar problem, but not as much about being stuck as wanting (needing) to get more out of your writing. Whether you’re journaling for personal growth or to improve your writing craft, the methods for […]

Back to Journaling Basics 8

In every discipline and art form, it’s important to practice the fundamentals in order to keep them sharp. Years ago, I was a competitive ballroom dancer; yet, no matter how skilled or accomplished I became, my accomplishments were all built on the solid foundation of the fundamentals of each step: […]

Poetry as Memoir Form 22

Memoir comes in many forms, including poetry. Sometimes I forget this fact. To demonstrate how poetry can be memoir, I want to share with you a simple little poem I made in response to a writing prompt, along with the journaling process I used to write it. My journal is […]

Write Into Your Pain 14

Go where the pain is. I’m on a flight from Oakland, CA to Phoenix, AZ when I read these words in an article by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni*. It’s not that I haven’t heard this saying before. I have. Even Banerjee was paraphrasing a writing teacher she once had. Yet I […]

From Journal to Memoir: Capturing Scene 4

One of the reasons we journal is to hold onto significant events in our lives. If you also use your journals as resources for memoir writing, you’ll want to go beyond recording the basic event and your reactions (John and I had a big fight tonight. I’m sick and tired […]