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WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW what’s in store for WritingThroughLife in 2018?

Based on your emails and 2017 reader survey results, I’ve planned several exciting new series and initiatives, some of which have already started.

You told me you wanted help with your biggest challenge — to write consistently and complete a memoir or other life-writing project. So I created the new Your Best Writing Year Yet! series focusing on writing productivity and achieving your goals. Within this series, we will also take a look at various organizational and writing tools and applications.

Next week, I’ll introduce a new journaling series I’m tentatively titling “Journaling Through Relationships.” In this collection of articles, we’ll explore and write deeply about all the relationships in our lives, from childhood to the present — including our relationship to ourself. And in the process, we’ll uncover influences and patterns and find paths for personal growth in this crucial aspect of our lives.

Of course, I will continue to provide regular content on The Craft of Memoir Writing.

In addition — and this is a big step — I’m inviting you to share your writing. Every month, starting January 15th, I will post a topic for you to write about and invite you to share your essay, poem, or memoir vignette with WritingThroughLife readers.

That’s not all. Here are some of the other things I have planned this year.

  • Semi-monthly book reviews or author interviews will replace the Read Like a Writer series.
  • I’m launching my new memoir, Accidental Jesus Freak (available for pre-order now), so you’ll hear much more about the memoir and about the DIY writing life – writing and publishing and marketing your own books.

There’s more in the works, so stay tuned!

Do you have an idea for an article you’d like to write? If so, tell me all about it using my contact form.

What do you think of these new series and initiatives? Want to play?


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6 thoughts on “What’s New for WritingThroughLife in 2018

  • Sara Etgen-Baker

    Yes! I want to play and am excited about your new initiatives. And I do look forward to the opportunity to share some writing. Way kewl! Thanks for your continued efforts!

  • Caren D.

    I am in the process of writing through some relationships that I hope at the very least will be an honest memoir for my children and grandchildren someday. I’m working hard on “retiring the family Karma,” that has existed for a long time. I read a book called, “Retire your Family Karma,” by Ashok Bedi and Boris Matthews which has prompted my writing. I would love help and accountability by submitting each month so thank you for listening and acting on your clients’ feedback.
    Happy New Year

  • Tori

    Wonderful ideas Amber! I’m excited to play along too. I’m not sure I’m courageous enough to share my writing, but I will definitely join in on your journaling series. It’s already how I process things with my parents, husband, and children. However, there’s so much deeper I could go and perhaps this will help. I would like to eventually turn my ramblings into a well-polished memoir to leave to my children. Thank you for giving so much thought to your blog posts and making it a valuable resource for all of us!

    • Amber Lea Starfire Post author

      Thanks for joining the conversation, Tori. Even if you don’t share your writing, I hope you will share your thoughts on the upcoming articles and journaling prompts. And thank you for your kind words 🙂