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A Book In Any Form 14

WHENEVER I mention to my writer friends that I enjoy reading both electronic and paper books and, moreover, that I find myself turning more frequently to my e-reader, they inevitably wrinkle their noses and — with the tone of an upper-crust British aristocrat speaking to a country peasant — say, “Oh, […]

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A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Control and Choice 2

I have been trying to write this post for a month — seriously. But one thing or another would get in the way: work, family responsibilities, illness, scheduled commitments. The very subject of control seemed to attract a barrage of incoming demands, both positive and negative, as though Life wished […]

Blogtalk: Writing about Photographs and Obstacles 4

Writing is the best way I know to overcome obstacles, to explore underlying attitudes and beliefs that contribute to our “stuckness,” and to deepen your self-understanding. As I was blogsurfing this morning (did I just make up a word?) , I came across Sharon Lippincott’s latest post titled “Writing Your Way Out of the Dungeon of Despair.” I love this post for a number of reasons.

Ten Journal Writing Prompts for New Love 1

SO, YOU THINK you’ve just met the perfect boy, girl, man, or woman. Journaling through all the ups and downs at the beginning of a new relationship can help you understand your emotions and keep your head in the process. Journal writing gives you the opportunity to express and clarify […]

Journaling for Direction 4

ONE of the many, many benefits of journaling is that we get to write with a sense of play and exploration that, in other ways, we may have left behind with our mudpie-making days. Journaling can be as fun as splashing in a puddle with our galoshes on, only it’s […]

Blogtalk: What We Carry Around 1

THIS WEEK’S writing prompt on womensmemoirs.com by Promptly Portland is a fun one for  journal writers, so I thought I’d piggyback on it. If you love to write and you’re a woman — sorry guys — and you haven’t yet checked out this informative website, I highly recommend it. In […]

Blogtalk: Beginner’s Mind 2

WHAT would it be like to forget all that we think we know and approach each task, each day, with the mindset of a beginner? The question comes to me after reading Susan Ideus’s blog post titled “The Time Has Come.” For Susan, it’s all about how to approach a […]