Journaling for Direction 4

ONE of the many, many benefits of journaling is that we get to write with a sense of play and exploration that, in other ways, we may have left behind with our mudpie-making days. Journaling can be as fun as splashing in a puddle with our galoshes on, only it’s all done with words, and we don’t even have to get wet!

Want to figure out where your passion lies? Try writing a list of activities that you enjoy doing more than anything else in the world and then thinking about whether any of these activities could be a career. Take it a step further and try seeing what connects those activities together. For example, throughout my life I have loved to dance, bicycle, and ice skate. Besides the fact that these all involve physical movement (the obvious connection), they all involve feeling the wind in my face and moving through space. That idea opens up even more possibilities. (Parasailing, anyone?)

A second prompt involves making a list of your strengths. Now, go deeper and ask yourself if each strength was a superpower, what could you do with it?

Here’s to the future!


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4 thoughts on “Journaling for Direction

  • Robin Gillette

    I found that journaling, be it for fun or self development, often provided me an “ah-ha” moment that I otherwise would have missed by just living my day. By going through the writing process one connects kinetically to events and emotions, and has the opportunity to take another step along their personal self discovery path.

  • Debra

    Thank you for sharing my post and ideas. I am glad you discovered me. I love your site here. I think we have much in common. Writing is such a wonderful, healing, creative activity for people. I will add your site to my blogroll on The Warm Milk Journal. I am on Twitter (@warmmilkjournal) as well so I will be sure to share your site with my followers. You may want to check out Marcus’ site at He is a like minded soul.
    Take care and let’s stay in touch!

    Debra : )

  • Amber Lea Starfire

    Debra, yes I see that we have daily writing as a common passion and look forward to sharing ideas and readers. Thanks for the referral to Marcus’s site. I’ll be sure to check it out for a future BlogTalk article.