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Journaling Tips: Write Different-ly 4

In a rut with your journal writing, basically saying the same things over and over? Want to be more creative? Consider the following tips to Write Different-ly: Upside down In pencil Lying on the floor In bed Out of bed In the garden At the Library With crayons, or pastels […]

From Journal to Memoir: Capturing Scene 4

One of the reasons we journal is to hold onto significant events in our lives. If you also use your journals as resources for memoir writing, you’ll want to go beyond recording the basic event and your reactions (John and I had a big fight tonight. I’m sick and tired […]

Journal Writing Tips: Re-Inspire Your Writing 2

If you struggle with journaling on a regular basis, or your journaling feels parched of life, as though instead of writing about your day you’re attempting to cross an entire desert, stop. Instead of pushing forward, filled with a thirst to do something “writerly,” break out of your routine by […]

Journaling for Memoir: Setting the Stage 8

Journal writing is a powerful tool for capturing significant events and memories. For future memoir writing—or if you just want to capture the memories as fully as possible—you’ll want to do more than just write about what happened. You’ll want to go beyond recording the emotional impact of an event […]

Why Write? Personal Growth 2

Journal writing helps you explore how your responses to events in the past affect your life in the present. Reflecting on how you have reacted to past experiences and the subsequent results can help you understand what is and is not working in your life. This understanding brings with it the opportunity to take future actions that are healthy rather than harmful, helping you to grow as an individual. To be who you want to be.

The Gift of Affirmation 1

I LOVE browsing blogs to see what other people are journaling about, because they either give me new ideas or remind me of ones I’d forgotten about. Affirmations. Another wonderful reason and way to journal!

Journal Writing Tips: Writing Through Self-Doubt 5

WHEN it comes to writing, and this includes journal writing, we all have times when we second-guess or doubt ourselves — usually when we’re well into a project or have embarked on a new commitment. In my experience the very best way to move through those periods of writing-related insecurity — well, any form of self-doubt, actually — is to write about it. Here’s how.

Journal Writing Tips: Persistence Pays 3

JOURNAL writing is a microcosm of life. And as with anything else in life, it pays to be persistent and to continue working toward your goals. Persistence requires continuing to move forward in spite of occasional discouragement or setbacks. When it comes to journaling, we all become disenchanted or discouraged […]