journaling techniques

Poetry as Memoir Form 22

Memoir comes in many forms, including poetry. Sometimes I forget this fact. To demonstrate how poetry can be memoir, I want to share with you a simple little poem I made in response to a writing prompt, along with the journaling process I used to write it. My journal is […]

From Journal to Memoir: Capturing Scene 4

One of the reasons we journal is to hold onto significant events in our lives. If you also use your journals as resources for memoir writing, you’ll want to go beyond recording the basic event and your reactions (John and I had a big fight tonight. I’m sick and tired […]

Journaling Techniques: Writing on the Stream of Consciousness 21

Stream of Consciousness Writing begins with a simple breath meditation, after which you write associatively, allowing your words to meander along connected images, feelings, and memories. It’s not a timed process and is even less structured than freewriting,  facilitating a kind of subconscious  “mind dump” onto the page. In fact, […]