Journaling to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom 9

YOU ARE WISE. Your inner being, soul, Self, intuition, psyche — whatever you want to call it — knows more than you realize. And journaling can be an effective way of tapping into this inner wisdom. But how does it work? Carl Jung is famous for having given us many of […]

Getting Stuck 4

AS AN ARTIST OR WRITER, what does it mean to “get stuck,” and perhaps more important, how do I get “unstuck”? The words getting stuck bring several pictures to my mind. In one, my foot is caught in something, perhaps under a fence or a rock, and I can’t pull […]

Wanting Authenticity

MY JOURNAL PROMPT today was: Ask for what you want. Sometimes I wonder if I want too much or think about what I want too often. Maybe in wanting so much I buck and twist and resist what is, missing the point of life entirely. Perhaps what I need most […]

Remembering to Breathe

In the Editor’s Note, in the recent issue of The Writer’s Eye Magazine, I wrote briefly about how life never seems to cooperate with our well-laid plans and gave advice about what to do when things go askew: take a deep breath and take time to view things from a […]

Grow Your Intuition – 3 Ways to Access Your Inner Sage

Intuition: it’s a kind of knowing or sensing of information. People who are intuitive are generally more creative, flexible, independent, and confident. Many believe that intuition is a spiritual connection to our inner, higher self and/or to God. We all have it. Yet, some people seem to be better at […]