Grow Your Intuition – 3 Ways to Access Your Inner Sage

Intuition: it’s a kind of knowing or sensing of information. People who are intuitive are generally more creative, flexible, independent, and confident. Many believe that intuition is a spiritual connection to our inner, higher self and/or to God.

We all have it. Yet, some people seem to be better at tapping into their intuition than others of us. Why is that? And what can you do to improve your intuitive abilities and access your own inner sage?

There are several qualities demonstrated by people who more easily access and respond to their intuition. These are:

  • Awareness — the ability to be fully present in the moment.
  • Calm — the ability to achieve a state of inner calm, clearing their senses from the overload of information “static,” and allowing them to make room for new information.
  • Receptivity — an ability to be open to receive whatever comes.
  • Openness to possibilities — a willingness to take a risk and act on that information.

To help you develop those abilities and “grow” your intuition, I offer three simple activities.

1) Get out in nature. This tried and true activity works to activate all four qualities in our mind and body. A walk in the woods, sitting by the edge of a river, or even sitting in your backyard, listening to the birds sing at sunrise can work. It’s nice to be able to climb the nearest mountain, but it doesn’t have to be a remote location to work. The main thing is to find a place that has enough nature (trees, rocks, water, and open space) to allow you to be solitary and not have to interact with other humans.As you walk (or sit or stand), pay attention to the sounds and sights around you. Listen to the birds. Breath deeply and listen to the sound of your own breath. Look a the bright green of the leaves, and the silver reflections of the brook. Getting out in nature will increase your awareness, calm, receptivity and openness to new possibilities.

2) Change your perspective. Nothing beats increasing your awareness than breaking your ruts and changing perspective. I’m talking about sitting in a different chair at the dining table, switching offices at work, or driving a borrowed car. Do things differently, look at the room from a different chair, and I guarantee it will take you out of autopilot and bring you into the present.

3) Laugh. Set the timer for two minutes and start laughing. This technique, called laughing meditation, is harder than it sounds. Think of something funny, and if that doesn’t work, just say “ha, ha, ha, ha…” until you actually laugh. Laugh so hard your stomach hurts. Do this with friends, and you’ll feed off of each other, keeping the momentum going. Two minutes will seem like forever, but when the timer goes off, you may find it difficult to stop. Do this early in the morning, and you’ll approach the day with more energy and a spring in your step. Another bonus: after all the activity, you inner being will quiet down and be more open to listening.

Accessing your inner sage through intuition is not difficult. It may just take a little practice. Do one or more of these activities, then open yourself to new ideas and possibilities. They may come in the form of an opportunity that is presented to you by someone else, a hunch or gut feeling about something, a mental picture, or even words spoken in your head, but as if someone was standing next to you. When this happens, take note. Better yet, take action and see what happens.

And now I’d like to invite you to write about how and when you listen to your intuition. Do you give great advice to friends? Perhaps you’re a master problem-solver at work. Maybe you love to create new recipes based on an intuitive grasp of what foods and herbs go best together. Write about how you access and use your inner sage, and what that means to you. Write about ways you can access your wisdom more often.

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