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From Memories to Memoirs Part 5 — Strong Verbs 6

You have been working on ways to remember and write your life story vividly, with concrete and sensory details that draw your reader into the world of your story. Now, consider how the verbs you choose effect tone and pace. In the midst of a story, when you describe a static object, you are in […]


Blogtalk: Depending on Normal 6

WHEN I started Blogtalk a little over a month ago, I thought it would be a great way to get to know other bloggers, share our mutual wisdom with one another, and increase our social networking presence, all at once. Well, it is accomplishing all these things and more. What […]

Author Interview — Jordan Rosenfeld 5

JORDAN E. ROSENFELD is a freelance journalist, editor, and fiction writer. She is a contributing editor & columnist to Writer’s Digest (WD) magazine. Her journalism has appeared in such publications as, the Marin magazine, the North Bay Bohemian, The Pacific Sun, Seattle Conscious Choice, The San Francisco Chronicle, The […]