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Can Writing Improve Your Memory? 6

AS I APPROACH THE AGE of retirement, I have begun to worry about the health of my memory. (My mother died from Alzheimer’s, and the specter of that soul-sucking disease continues to haunt me.) If newspaper, magazine, and blog articles about the aging of baby boomers are to be believed, I […]

Blogtalk: Journaling to Cope 3

It wasn’t that long ago that journaling was considered an odd use of time—at best, “navel gazing.” However, since research confirmed there are a number of benefits, including stress reduction and emotional healing, that result from writing regularly about emotions and thoughts (one way to use a journal), journaling has become […]

Blogtalk: Journaling News — Journal Writing for Children

THIS WEEK’S BLOGTALK is the first of monthly posts that will highlight journaling news, research, and other blog posts about journaling. For today’s Journaling News, we’re taking a look at journal writing for children — the benefits, ways to get them writing, and tips for continued practice. This week’s National […]

Why Write? Catharsis 23

This post is the first of a series titled “Why Write?” IF YOU’RE READING THIS, it’s likely that you have some experience with journal writing or are at least attracted to the idea of writing on a regular basis. Perhaps you already journal regularly and are looking for fresh inspiration. […]