3 Steps for Writing Through Resistance to Release 6

WHENEVER YOU FEEL overwhelmed, find yourself doing things you really don’t want to do, or just otherwise feel that life isn’t going the way you want, you are experiencing some degree of resistance. You may tend to react by ignoring your feelings and pushing through the resistance in order to accomplish […]

Journal Writing Improves Your Powers of Perception 2

I attribute my increased perceptual powers to my journal writing practice. Why? Journaling helps me to:
* Think about physical descriptions — how things look, feel, taste, and sound.
* Be more aware of my emotional responses as they occur.
* Think about things in new ways (looking at things from different perspectives).
* Be more curious and interested in what is going on around me. …

Perfection 1

I LOVE SUNDAYS. Days to sleep in, take walks, not worry if I’m not really all that productive. Days that feel as if they are entirely mine and it’s okay to slack off, even if I don’t. Which, when I think about it, is interesting, because I create my own […]

Grow Your Intuition – 3 Ways to Access Your Inner Sage

Intuition: it’s a kind of knowing or sensing of information. People who are intuitive are generally more creative, flexible, independent, and confident. Many believe that intuition is a spiritual connection to our inner, higher self and/or to God. We all have it. Yet, some people seem to be better at […]