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Journaling Through Relationships — Siblings 7

“They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood.” ― Karen White, The Memory of Water   EVERY FAMILY IS UNIQUE. I grew up in a fairly large one, with five active, rowdy brothers. I was the only girl, born smack dab […]

Journaling Through Relationships — Stepparents 2

“Modern families are complicated things. Siblings, half siblings, stepparents, stepcousins, what have you. You can’t pick who you’re born to, that’s for sure.”  ― Cherie Priest DID YOU GROW UP WITH ONE OR MORE STEPPARENTS? According to the *Pew Research Foundation, as of 2011 more than four in ten American adults […]

Journaling Through Relationships — Father 2

“I should no longer define myself as the son of a father who couldn’t or hasn’t or wouldn’t or wasn’t.”  ― Cameron Conaway ————— JUST AS MOTHERS have been stereotyped and idealized so have fathers. Movies and TV programs have always displayed some core ideas of what we think fathers are all […]

Journaling Through Relationships – Mother 2

YOUR FAMILY OF ORIGIN — the family you grew up with and not necessarily the family into which you were born — is where you learn to become the person you are. Certainly, you were born with a genetic set of predispositions, but humans, like other primates, learn primarily by […]

Journaling About Birthdays 3

I KIDNAPPED MY SWEETHEART this weekend for a birthday getaway to the California Coast — a sweet spot just north of Gualala, courtesy of AirBnB. We definitely needed some time away from the relentless household chores and everyday responsibilities, and we’ve gotten to the point in our lives where we […]