What Students Say …

  • I cannot say enough good things about Amber Starfire as a writing mentor!  She was patient, kind, insightful, generous, and answered all my questions.  In four weeks of working with her, I was amazed at what we covered and where I was in the development of my book.  I feel much more confident in moving forward and really excited about fulfilling my dream of publishing my current book as well as future ones.  Kathryn  W., WA
  • Amber is a truly outstanding instructor. The course’s structure and assignments were so spot-on that I found myself allocating way more time than I’d expected because I was constantly challenged and learning so much each week. I think Amber has a real gift in offering constructive, always positive comments. She actually takes the time to insert detailed comments and suggestions within the text itself, as well as posting more general comments, and she must have put a great deal of time into responding to each week’s assignment. I wish I could say I did half as well in my years as a teacher in the past. Taking this course with Amber was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in recent years, and I consider myself fortunate to have discovered her. Carol D., MI
  • I actually had no expectations, I just hoped Amber Starfire’s class would be beneficial to me. I wanted to learn to clean up my writing, and make my efforts more worthwhile. I know I learned a lot and will certainly take more classes … —Charline H., FL
  • Amber Starfire was responsive and responsible in getting out materials and giving helpful feedback. —Linda W., VA
  • Amber Starfire was a very good instructor. She was clear and I think right on with her comments and suggestions. I feel like I learned a lot. I would definitely take another class with her as the instructor. —Charline H., FL
  • Amber Starfire is a clear, knowledgeable, and empathic teacher. I could not recommend a class with her more highly. I am delighted and amazed by how much I learned in such a short time. —Jacqueline H., CA
  • Amber Starfire is wonderful. She has a direct approach to her critiques. She gets at what each writer needs to address in a clear, yet supportive way. She is encouraging, and managed to help us all connect with each other as helpful members of a writing group. I found this amazing given that we only communicated via email. —Linda S., CA
  • Amber Starfire is a lovely instructor, ready to work with each person individually as well as the group as a whole. —Katherine D., TX
  • I recommend [Finding Your Writing Voice] for anyone wanting a better understanding of how to find their authentic voice. Amber Starfire helped me find my strengths which I plan to build upon in my pursuit of becoming a writer. —Shelly T., AB CANADA
  • It was great to connect with other writers and to give and receive feedback. I found it challenging and encouraging…so much so that I signed up for Amber Starfire’s 2nd session. —Naomi S., NM
  • Amber Starfire’s course is well organized and clear, and she is friendly and supportive. —Florrie C.,  CA
  • Amber Starfire was a sensitive an encouraging, insightful instructor! —Nancilynn S., TX
  • A great course inspiring me to finally start writing! I have taken two other writing courses on line but Amber Starfire’s is the first that I can honestly say was worth the (more than worth) the registration fee! —K. Ann W., BC CANADA
  • Heretofore I knew little about the chakras. I came out of [Journaling Through the Chakras]  feeling quite knowledgeable and experienced and with greater insights. I feel that each of the course members are my new friends. Amber Starfire’s guidance was excellent and her responses to my/our journaling and conversation was insightful, explanatory and thoughtful. I felt that we were in really good hands. Amber is full of wisdom and understanding, as are the other members of the group. We were able to counsel each other and to share our knowledge about related subjects as time went on, and I learned much from other course members. I highly recommend this course. —PJ P., TX
  • The Memories to Memoirs course more than met my expectations. I was challenged and stretched in ways that made me more committed and confident with the writing process. I valued the comments/critiques which helped me hone my skills and brought my stories to life. I would definitely take another class from Amber. — B.D.
  • What has changed for me in the journey of journaling is that I feel much more grounded in who I am and what my purpose is in life. I am here to spread love and empower others through creativity and imagination. The fear I used to feel about taking a risk, trying something new, is gone. I’m no longer attached to success or failure. Those polarities don’t even enter into my thinking. I’m simply on a journey of discovery now and it’s exciting and thrilling. [Journaling Through the Chakras] has been a wonderful adventure of exploration. — Maya, PA.
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