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Journaling for Memoir: Why It’s a Good Idea 6

Imagine: You sit down to work on your memoir. You’ve made an outline of significant life events, and you’ve identified where you want to start. Or you decide to just go through life events chronologically. As you write, you’re attempting to craft a story, but you don’t yet know where you’re […]

Blogtalk: A Writer’s Attitude 10

We writers spend a lot of time and money learning about writing. We consume innumerable books, magazines, and blog posts. We attend classes and conferences and webinars. But, underneath all this activity, all this reaching to outside resources, we know that the most important method to becoming better writers is […]

Blog Talk: Finding Your Writing Voice 1

FINDING your “writing voice” is a hot topic among those who are learning the writing craft (and what writer is not always learning his or her craft?). I even teach an online class about it (more about that later). Still, writing voice is a controversial topic, because there are so […]