Are You Brave Enough to Write your Story? 8

SOME PEOPLE only write their stories when they’ve got nothing to lose. But others write their truth even if they’re risking their reputation, their livelihood or their close relationships in order to do so. Certainly we can see this in books and movies. Take The Help as an example. This […]

Blogtalk: Using Technology to Aid Memoir Writing 2

IN HIS CREATIVE NONFICTION MAGAZINE ARTICLE, Finding Truth in Technology, Sejal H. Patel discusses the potential for conflict between writing the truth as we remember it and using technology to reveal and research the facts. “Technology,” as discussed in the article, includes pictures, recordings, video, online web tools, such as […]

Blogtalk: Writing and Publishing Memoir 2

OKAY, this is about an older blog (ancient … as in April for heaven’s sake) at Writer’s Digest about memoir writing, titled “Back to Basics: Writing & Publishing Memoir.” But Jane includes so many wonderful links to other articles, it took me this long to read it, and I just […]