Writer with a Day Job — 100 Words a Day 23

MOST WRITERS have day jobs. That’s a fact. There are those who begin writing in earnest after retirement or who are fortunate enough to be supported by other means or who manage to carve out a writing career when they are young, but these are the minority. A quick web […]

Time to Write 12

Like any writer who also works a full-time day job, I struggle to find time to write. It doesn’t help that I have a long commute (a little over one hour each way). By “time to write” I don’t mean simply finding available minutes somewhere within a day, but finding […]

Making Meaning: Creating a Positive Spin 4

AS I WAS LYING ON MY BACK this morning, groaning through one of my yoga stretches, I was thinking about the journal entry I wrote earlier. I had, in the spirit of my weekly Journaling Through Life E-zine, written an entry using one of this week’s writing prompts. The topic […]