Results of 2018 Year-End Reader Survey 2

A big THANK YOU to all who took the time to complete the year-end survey! Your feedback is both important and very influential in terms of the types of articles and content I will provide in 2019.   I’m happy to announce that Diane S. was the winner of the […]

Annual Reader Survey and About Those Adverbs 3

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR, when I begin planning articles and content for the following year! Please take 3 minutes to complete the following survey and help me provide the most relevant and helpful content for you in 2018. As a thank you for your time and thoughtful feedback, when […]

Wanted: Your Opinion 1

THIS POST is a bit of a departure from my usual, because I’d like to get your opinion about a future article series. As you know, since early 2015, in addition to articles on journaling, memoir writing, and general writing craft, I’ve been posting a series titled Word for Writers. I […]