What Can We Learn About Storytelling from Blockbuster TV Series? 5

WHAT IS STORYTELLING? It is the art of sharing narratives (stories) through, writing or theater, including oral storytelling. Stories help us interpret and share experiences. They are a universal and timeless form of communication, bridging age, culture, and religion. Everything we know and understand — including our memories — is […]

BlogTalk: Memoir, Journal Writing, and Story 6

As I was in the process of developing my new workshop and soon-to-be course, Journaling for Memoir Writers, I spent time revisiting all the reasons for journaling that reach beyond the cathartic. Not that there’s anything wrong about writing for catharsis—it’s just that journaling often gets pigeonholed, as if it’s […]

BlogTalk: Memoir Writing Advice

Advice for beginning writers abounds on the Internet—much of it quite good. Continuing the memoir writing theme roundup from last week, I’ve collected a few articles of encouragement and guidance for those of you who are endeavoring to write about your life. By way of encouragement, Telling HerStories blogger, Sheila […]

BlogTalk: The Power of Story Telling

When we write about our lives, we are not simply recording events: we are telling stories. And when we write those stories for others to read, we hope to engage our readers by sharing our life experiences in such a way that it affects them emotionally, makes them think about […]