What Can We Learn About Storytelling from Blockbuster TV Series? 5

WHAT IS STORYTELLING? It is the art of sharing narratives (stories) through, writing or theater, including oral storytelling. Stories help us interpret and share experiences. They are a universal and timeless form of communication, bridging age, culture, and religion. Everything we know and understand — including our memories — is […]

Blogtalk: Honoring the Creative Process 5

Adrienne Crezo, in her blog post “On Being Submissive,” beautifully articulates writers’ (and artists’) dilemma: we possess a need to create through our art, second only to our physical needs to breath, eat, and sleep, yet — human that we are — feel inadequate to the task. Our minds imagine […]

Why Write? Journaling Helps You do Life Better 2

Sometimes, getting started with a new challenge can seem like the hardest thing in the world. Human beings don’t mind hard work or long journeys; we’re just terrified of getting started! We procrastinate, and make excuses, and stick our heads in the sand. We pretend that if we just wait […]

Why Write? Taking Care of Yourself 10

EVERY day, or at least every other day, I make sure to take a few minutes to write in my journal. It is precious time, just for me. I have a tendency to get so involved in all my other commitments — work, family, taking care of the house and […]

Blogtalk: Journaling Conversations with Your Inner Coach

I HAVE WRITTEN about ways to deal with your inner editor/critic, ways that apply to journal writers and creative writers alike. Today’s post is about how journaling can help you connect with your inner guide, or coach, and is inspired by Mari McCarthy’s blog post, in which she gives some […]

Making Meaning: Creating a Positive Spin 4

AS I WAS LYING ON MY BACK this morning, groaning through one of my yoga stretches, I was thinking about the journal entry I wrote earlier. I had, in the spirit of my weekly Journaling Through Life E-zine, written an entry using one of this week’s writing prompts. The topic […]