In Search of a “Satisfying Spiritual Practice” 12

In January, I created a list of ten personal and professional goals to accomplish during the year. These goals included health, family, writing, home improvement, financial, and spiritual aspects of my life. By far the most nebulous goal was to create a “satisfying spiritual practice.” As a goal, it is […]

7 Journaling Prompts for Exploring Spirituality 9

There are as many approaches to journaling as there are aspects of life to focus on; one of these aspects is spirituality. Journaling about spirituality can help bring clarity to your thoughts as well as help define priorities for the competing demands of the other parts of your life: health, work, family, love relationships, […]

Why Write? Making Meaning of the Meaningless 7

SOMETIMES life just doesn’t seem to make sense. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to people who don’t seem to deserve them. Creative acts, such as journal writing and art, can help us uncover the personal value of every experience.

Perfection 1

I LOVE SUNDAYS. Days to sleep in, take walks, not worry if I’m not really all that productive. Days that feel as if they are entirely mine and it’s okay to slack off, even if I don’t. Which, when I think about it, is interesting, because I create my own […]

Creative People — Who qualifies?

We’re about to enter into the territory of a personal beef of mine — that is, the idea that creativity is somehow owned by a few gifted people. This myth is absolutely untrue. Creativity, along with curiosity, is the genetic and spiritual inheritance of every human being. We’ve come to […]