Seven Steps to a Solid Second Draft 2

YOU’VE FINISHED the first draft of your book, and you feel great — for about five minutes. You know your next step is to revise, but the task seems overwhelming. You’ve spent months, maybe years, writing those chapters, those pages, those carefully crafted scenes. And you’re supposed to . . […]

Writing Memoir: The Perils of Research 3

YOU ARE WRITING YOUR MEMOIR. Memories are the basis of memoir, and we all know how fallible memories are. Naturally, you want your memoir to be as truthful as possible, so you set out to research the truth. You choose your methods: Interviewing family members and friends. Going to the […]

Activate Your Writing with Powerful Verbs

DO YOU WANT your writing to take hold of your readers and pull them from one page to the next? Do you want to imbue your writing with more tension, movement, and power? One of the most potent ways to strengthen your writing is to use strong, precise, and active verbs […]