Writing Craft: How to Control Your Story’s Pace 2

WHAT IS “PACE,” and why should writers care about it? According to the dictionary, pace is “the speed or rate at which something happens, changes, or develops.” In writing, pace refers to the speed or rate at which the story is told and the readers are pulled through its events. […]

BlogTalk: When Sensory Details Get Stretched 5

All writers have heard the admonition, “Show, don’t tell.” And though I have argued that good nonfiction requires a “show AND tell” mentality, the idea that readers are more engaged when we offer concrete, sensory details on which to hang their imaginations holds true. To a point. And that is […]

Blogtalk: On writing about and through disability 1

Last week’s Brevity Nonfiction Blog article by Sarah Einstein, Weighing Disability and Writing—a blog post about a blog post, which is what I’m doing here—got me thinking about honesty in writing. The original post by Jason B. Dutton on the River Teeth Journal, is about how he worked through questions […]

Blogtalk: Character Journaling 4

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I came across a link to a blog post by Lois Eighmy titled “Character Journaling for Fun and Profit.” Intrigued, I clicked. The post isn’t about journaling in the traditional sense … it’s not even about nonfiction. A character journal, according to Ms. Eighmy, is […]

Author Interview: K.M. Weiland 4

Writing Through Life interviews K.M. Weiland, author, editor, and writing consultant. Ms. Weiland writes historical and speculative fiction from her home in western Nebraska and has recently released a CD titled Conquering Writer’s Block and Summoning Inspiration.