Journal Writing Tips: Using “If” Statements 2

Life is a never-ending source of journaling prompts. We can write about current events, past events, and imagined future events. One fun (and often revealing) kind of journal writing prompt is the “If …” statement or question. If I had been born male, instead of female, what sports would I […]

Getting Stuck 4

AS AN ARTIST OR WRITER, what does it mean to “get stuck,” and perhaps more important, how do I get “unstuck”? The words getting stuck bring several pictures to my mind. In one, my foot is caught in something, perhaps under a fence or a rock, and I can’t pull […]

Journaling Practice: Morning Pages or Evening Notes? 4

THIS MORNING, I was thinking about the benefits of daily journaling. I am in the practice of writing in the mornings, shortly after awakening. But sometimes, if I haven’t had a chance, or if it has been a particularly eventful day, I write in the evenings. As I thought about […]

Clover Heaven

ON A RECENT WALK, the afternoon light filtered softly through a thick web of oak branches and leaves, the tree branches forming an archway that beckoned me into nature’s hall and to some magical place beyond. Spider web  filaments, stretching from branch to branch, danced in the breeze. Beneath my […]

Take the 5-in-5 Gratitude Challenge 3

In the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. I love this holiday, for a number of reasons: family connections, great food, crisp fall weather, and a general openness in people. It’s wonderful to be reminded of all the good things in our lives, but why reserve gratitude for one week a year? […]