3 Steps for Writing Through Resistance to Release 6

WHENEVER YOU FEEL overwhelmed, find yourself doing things you really don’t want to do, or just otherwise feel that life isn’t going the way you want, you are experiencing some degree of resistance. You may tend to react by ignoring your feelings and pushing through the resistance in order to accomplish […]

A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Spring 1

SPRING is a time of transition, the time between winter and summer, when everything is changing rapidly, growing, greening, budding, and flowering. Spring is also a symbol for many life experiences: times of change, times of growth, times that vacillate between rain and sun, pessimism and hope. For all these […]

Journaling Through Challenging Moments 3

JOURNAL WRITING can help you move through challenging circumstances in life. For example, I recently endured an uncomfortable situation; in fact, I’m still dealing with it. But, if you are reading this it means that the situation is largely resolved. It was my own fault. I dropped my guard, like […]


IT RAINED ALL NIGHT last night. These forever gray skies are beginning to get me down a little, and I long for sunshine and warmth. Not the kind of warmth that comes from sweaters and heating vents, but the soak-into-my-bones kind of warmth that  comes only from the sun—or a […]

Perfection 1

I LOVE SUNDAYS. Days to sleep in, take walks, not worry if I’m not really all that productive. Days that feel as if they are entirely mine and it’s okay to slack off, even if I don’t. Which, when I think about it, is interesting, because I create my own […]