Your Best Writing Year Yet! Dealing With Energy Thieves 3

JUST AS WE EACH have a limited amount of physical strength, we each have a limited store of energy each day. There’s only so much energy for focus, motivation, and self-control. Only so much energy for creative activities such as writing. Have you noticed that sometimes you feel a high […]

Practices for Restoring a Tired Mind 6

I SPEND MY DAYS engaged in creative activities: writing, photography, editing, course development, and marketing. I start early and end late, usually rising to my alarm at 6:30 am and going to bed between 10:30 and midnight. (I allow myself to sleep in at least one weekend morning each weekend […]

Take the 5-in-5 Gratitude Challenge 3

In the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. I love this holiday, for a number of reasons: family connections, great food, crisp fall weather, and a general openness in people. It’s wonderful to be reminded of all the good things in our lives, but why reserve gratitude for one week a year? […]