Writing Craft: How to Control Your Story’s Pace 2

WHAT IS “PACE,” and why should writers care about it? According to the dictionary, pace is “the speed or rate at which something happens, changes, or develops.” In writing, pace refers to the speed or rate at which the story is told and the readers are pulled through its events. […]

4 Essential Ingredients in Every Powerful Story 7

FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD, stories are an integral part of our lives — and for good reason. It is through stories that we learn about life, the culture we live in and its mores and expectations. Stories contain lessons and offer archetypes as role models, helping us to learn what is […]

When to Use Summary to Move Your Story Along 4

IF SCENE IS THE BUILDING BLOCK of story, summary is the glue that links and holds scenes together. To understand how scene and summary work together, it’s important to understand the difference between the two methods.   A brief definition of scene. Scene always takes place in a specific place […]

10 Tips for Strengthening Your Unique Writing Voice 7

“I write only because There is a voice within me That will not be still”  ― Sylvia Plath MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN about how to “find” your writing voice — I have written and taught classes on this topic myself — but maybe it would be more accurate to say that […]

What Can We Learn About Storytelling from Blockbuster TV Series? 5

WHAT IS STORYTELLING? It is the art of sharing narratives (stories) through, writing or theater, including oral storytelling. Stories help us interpret and share experiences. They are a universal and timeless form of communication, bridging age, culture, and religion. Everything we know and understand — including our memories — is […]

Can Technology Make You a Better Writer? 7

A few years back, at a meeting of my local writing club, a man came up to me and said, “I don’t believe you have to know all that grammar crap to be a writer. That’s what editors are for, right?” He grinned at me, expecting me to agree with […]

Who Are You? — Discovering Your Unique Writing Voice 3

WRITERS, STORYTELLERS, SINGERS, AND ARTISTS all have one thing in common: we want our work to be a unique expression of who we are as individuals. We want some aspect of our personality, our worldview, our inner selves or “souls” to be perceived in our art. The trick is learning […]

Make Your Scenes Come Alive Using Visualization 8

You know how it is, when you’re reading a really good book, you become so immersed in the story that you forget you’re reading? It’s like you’re inside the story, experiencing its events vicariously and viscerally — your body tensing and heart pounding during suspenseful moments, or tearing up when […]

Annual Reader Survey and About Those Adverbs 3

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR, when I begin planning articles and content for the following year! Please take 3 minutes to complete the following survey and help me provide the most relevant and helpful content for you in 2018. As a thank you for your time and thoughtful feedback, when […]