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BlogTalk: When Sensory Details Get Stretched 5

All writers have heard the admonition, “Show, don’t tell.” And though I have argued that good nonfiction requires a “show AND tell” mentality, the idea that readers are more engaged when we offer concrete, sensory details on which to hang their imaginations holds true. To a point. And that is […]

Blogtalk: Humorous Advice for Serious Writers

Every once in a while, we need a little humor to lighten our day—especially we writers, so serious about this business of writing! That’s why I welcomed Sharon Lippincott’s latest post, Mark Twain’s Advice to Memoir Writers, which made me smile and sent me on a hunt for other ways […]

BlogTalk: Memoir Writing Advice

Advice for beginning writers abounds on the Internet—much of it quite good. Continuing the memoir writing theme roundup from last week, I’ve collected a few articles of encouragement and guidance for those of you who are endeavoring to write about your life. By way of encouragement, Telling HerStories blogger, Sheila […]