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WHEN I think of the word security, I think first of the emotional kind that comes with confidence, a strong sense of self and purpose, and a fearless solidity in the world. I think of a kind of underlying strength that stands sure-footed against the winds of adversity and time. Of those amazing twenty-somethings I’ve met who already knew that they wanted to be writers and set their feet firmly on the path to achieving their goals. Who, by the time they’re my age will have achieved so much.

The topic of security literally dropped into my email box with Kristina Katz’s newsletter this week (I do wish she’d archive the newsletters so you could read them later), though Kristina was referring more to the kind of security that comes from having your basic needs met — a warm bed, food, home and family.

I suppose that those twenty-somethings I so admire must have had the basic comforts provided in order to move on to such emotional security that they had the courage to follow their hearts. But if it was as simple as that I, who had all my physical comforts provided for as I was growing up, would also have had that same courage. But I was nothing like those twenty-somethings, and it has taken me many years to find my own sense of purpose and strength.

I do think Kristina is right; we can’t be consistently creative unless we have our basic needs met. But, beyond that, we need to cultivate an emotional security that gives us the courage to walk consistently toward our dreams, to sit down every day and write, to say “I’m a writer” even when we haven’t yet published. And there’s something else I know — it’s never too late.

Join the conversation. What does security mean to you?


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