BlogTalk: The Week’s Journaling Blog Roundup 6

I love Sharon Lippincott’s method for mapping the stages of her life: it’s so un-linear. Linearity is something I excel in, and I know I would benefit from the organic, round, mind-mapping quality of her approach. I’ve included a small thumbnail of her sketch here, but go read her blog post, The Tree of Me, to find out about the process.

Stephen Smith’s November 30th post on the In Context Blog, 3 Ways to Increase Personal Awareness Through Journaling, was filed under “Productivity,” and though Stephen’s suggested journaling ideas and methods may certainly help you to be more productive—or at least more aware of ways in which you waste time—I particularly liked his 3rd method, “Close Your Day with Journal Entry Based on Values and Energy,” as a way of becoming away of where you’re spending in your time in relationship to your goals and set priorities. Take a look when you have a chance and let me know what you think. There are so many wonderful ways to use our journals!

Mari McCarthy’s focus is on journal writing for healing, and her post, Grief Journaling Without Words, resonated with me. There are times in our lives when emotions run too deep to be articulated, when words are just not enough. In this post, Mari outlines ways to begin to express your grief—really, any strong emotion—using art.


Image Credits: Sharon Lippincott & aptmetaphor


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