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SCIENTIFIC studies have proven that writing helps us heal. In a blog post about her conversation with Mark Matousek, Linda Joy Myers highlights the redemptive powers of writing, as well. My favorite quote from the post is, “… the healing power of writing guides us toward redemption. [Mark] says that first we should write to capture our real emotions in language — ‘It tames and contains.’ Then we create stories, and through story we redeem our experiences.”

Writing through all of life’s circumstances — whether you are writing in the present and calling it journaling, or writing reflectively about past events for a memoir or personal essay — is such an incredibly powerful tool for personal growth and uncovering your inner truth that I have a difficult time understanding why everyone doesn’t write. Or why those of us who write don’t write more.

We each have within us a deep capacity for healing, sharing our gained wisdom, and offering the grace we’ve received as a gift to others through reflection and compassion.

I encourage you to read Linda Joy’s post and to think about how writing can help you find your deeper truths.

Begin by cracking open a single memory from your past, especially one that seems particularly mundane or unexciting. You have this memory for a reason. What emotions does the memory have for you? What was happening around you at the time? Who was involved and what was their influence on you? Did the remembered event influence how you perceived your life? If so, how? Answering these questions can help you begin to dig a little deeper. Perhaps today is the day for you to uncover a truth you’ve hidden away.


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2 thoughts on “Blogtalk: The Redeeming Power of Writing

  • Linda Joy Myers

    Hi Amber,
    It’s great that you are spreading the word about Mark’s message and his work. I was so inspired by talking with him about memoir writing, particularly going into the dark places and coming out transformed. It doesn’t seem possible sometimes when we are staring at the doorway that leads to places we’re scared of, and it’s true that sometimes we feel that the emotiona or the story is “nothing, not important, boring,” but I have always found that if a story beckons to us, usually we need to go there and we are truly like heroes and heroines–we will come back with treasure–knowledge that will aid us and others on our journey.
    I love your blog! It’s full of juicy and thoughtful bits for us writers to chew on.