BlogTalk: The Power of Story Telling

When we write about our lives, we are not simply recording events: we are telling stories. And when we write those stories for others to read, we hope to engage our readers by sharing our life experiences in such a way that it affects them emotionally, makes them think about their own lives, and or persuades them in some way. Stories have always been a part of every human culture as a way to educate, entertain, inform, persuade, and share experiences.

Storytelling is an art, and as technology changes and evolves, the way we tell stories is also changing. This week, I’ve rounded up some interesting blog articles and videos, all about the art of storytelling, its means and effects.

Randy Olson writes on his site, The Benshi, “The power of good storytelling rests in the specifics.” Of course, this principle of storytelling is nothing new. Writing teachers have been trying to hammer this into students’ heads for years. However, in Storytelling: The Power of Specifics Olson gives … well, specific … examples of how writers, journalists, and film producers use specific details to enhance the power of their stories.

In this TED Talk video, Joe Sabia says, “The art of storytelling has remained unchanged, and for the most part the stories are recycled, but the way that human beings tell stories has always evolved with pure, consistent novelty.” Watch this entertaining demonstration about the changing technology of storytelling:

Psychology Today explains why telling stories is so powerful. In reference to the increased use of multimedia storytelling, author Pamela Brown Rutledge writes, “…the human brain has been on a slower evolutionary trajectory than the technology. Our brains still respond to content by looking for the story to make sense out of the experience.” Stories about much more than content. Read more …

And finally, a recent Psyblog article talks about the use of storytelling to increase sales: Why Stories Sell: Transportation Leads to Persuasion. Whether or not you’re interested in marketing, check out the section “Crafting Better Stories” for good advice on ways to give more impact to your stories.

I’m interested in your responses to these articles and video. Check ’em out and please leave a comment.

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