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THIS WEEK’S BLOGTALK is the first of monthly posts that will highlight journaling news, research, and other blog posts about journaling. For today’s Journaling News, we’re taking a look at journal writing for children — the benefits, ways to get them writing, and tips for continued practice.

This week’s National Writing Center for Children’s blog article is all about creating a nature journal. A great idea for children of all ages.

How about creating a Family Journal Night? What a unique (and excellent) idea! Now why didn’t I do this with my kids when they were young?

Courtney has some writing prompts for children at her blog, Women Living Well.

Kim Henry is a high school teacher who writes about the benefits of getting kids to write down their thoughts, from better understanding of what they read to improving their thinking skills.

And finally, though an article by Neil Rosenthal isn’t specifically about journaling for children, “Angry Adults Given Specific Messages as Children” (sorry, the article is no longer available on the web) is about some of the childhood causes of anger and depression in adults. One of these is not having constructive outlets for self expression, such as art and journaling.

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