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IF you’d like to be inspired by journal writing’s artistic possibilities, then jump over to iHanna’s Blog (finish reading here, first :-).) I often talk about how journaling is not limited to writing, but can — and perhaps should — contain artistic expression as well. Drawings, doodling, fabric art (that’s where iHanna’s really shines), and photography are all a part of capturing life on a regular basis.

Though my primary method for journaling is writing, I am a also photographer and enjoy including my photography as part of my journals and blogs. Sometimes — especially when I am feeling particularly strong emotions that are difficult to articulate or define — I get out my colored pencils (I particularly enjoy watercolor pencils) and draw instead of write. Using color and form, often abstract, I can express what words cannot. And sometimes, I need both words and art to do justice to my internal processes.

I also enjoy visiting art-journaling blogs, where art is the primary method of journaling and writing is secondary. I find them inspiring. iHanna’s is particularly inspiring, because she comes to her journaling consistently and creatively. On her About page, Hanna writes: “I come to my blog with an openhearted state of mind … .”

I would like to encourage all of us to approach, not only blogging, but journal and creative writing with that open attitude. If we come to our writing and art openhearted, we allow that within us which needs to be expressed to emerge in whatever way it needs to. We allow whimsy and artistic skill to blend, creating a sense of the whole.

Let’s make today a day of journaling creativity!


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