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The end of 2011 is approaching so quickly and inevitably, I feel almost as if I’m standing in the path of a freight train, the previous year flashing before my eyes. It must be time for the yearly ritual of taking stock of the previous year and looking forward to the new. As part of this yearly ritual, I present here the top eleven posts (based on number of page views) on in 2011.

Without further ado, the 2011 countdown:

11.    Why Write: Emotional Healing

It’s no surprise that this post would make the top eleven. Every one of us has been wounded in one way or another in the process of living, and there is a plethora of evidence that  “Writing about difficult or hurtful experiences — describing the events, recreating the conversations, the pain, the emotion, and acknowledging the emotion that still exists in you while you’re writing — can help you to heal.”

10.    Five Ways to Build Healthy Boundaries

This article encourages you to explore how you construct healthy boundaries between yourself and others. In what ways do you define your boundaries? Do you have strong healthy boundaries or weak ones? Read the post for ways to create and maintain healthy personal boundaries.

9.      Journaling the Sensory Details: Touch

A short excerpt says it all: “If we are to record the events of our lives and write about them, we need to include this sense in all its beauty and sometimes inconvenience. I know that I, for one, often struggle with a lack of awareness of touch and a deficient vocabulary to adequately describe how something feels.” This article contains exercises to assist in the development of sensory awareness and touch vocabulary.

8.      A Week’s Worth of Journaling Prompts: Happiness

The drive to be happy is basic to human nature. The week’s journaling prompts about happiness help you explore your feelings, values, and thoughts around the concept of happiness, as well as guide you to ways to make yourself even happier.

7.      Journal Writing Prompts for New Love

Maybe you’re ending the new year with a new love, or a renewal of an old one. If so, you might enjoy revisiting this article to explore ways to enhance and enjoy that love while managing to stay on your feet.

6.      Journaling to Achieve Your Goals

There are many wonderful reasons to journal—especially at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. Use your journal like a personal coach to take stock of the old year and set realistic goals for the new one.

5.      Blogtalk: Using Music, Memories, and Writing

Number five in our countdown is a fun roundup of other blog posts about using music to set the writing mood, using sensory details to help us remember important life events, and learning about others’ writing processes.

4.      The Benefits of Freewriting

If you’re new to journaling or want a refresher on the freewriting method, check out this article about how and why freewriting is an essential journaling tool.

3.      Journal Themes

This article is all about different journals for different purposes: art, dream, reading, goals, and healing, to name a few. Read this post for inspiration on new and different ways to use your journal.

2.      Writing a Letter to Yourself

This journal writing tip is one of my personal favorites, so I was pleased to see it near the top of the list for 2011. It’s an especially appropriate exercise for the beginning of a new year. Set aside some time on New Year’s Day for this one, and let me know how you like it.

And the Number 1 article (drumroll, please)…
1.      Why I Use Journal Writing Software Instead of a Pen

In 2011, as technology became an increasingly integrated part of our lives, how we choose to write became a hot controversy. Maybe in 2012, we’ll all figure out which we prefer and get down to the actual business of writing. Then again, it’s so much easier to discuss when, where, and how we like to write …

Top journaling category for 2011

The Weekly Journaling Prompts Category was the most popular. If you enjoy writing prompts, be sure to pick up or download a copy of my new book, Week by Week: A Year’s Worth of Journaling Prompts and Meditations, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and Copperfield’s.


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