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Want to bring one of my courses live to a group in your area? I have a variety of formats, from one-hour introductory sessions to full-day workshops.   Contact me to discuss your group’s needs.

Journaling and Writing Coach


Achieve Your Writing Goals!

Do you struggle to achieve your writing goals, get stuck in the messy middle of your story, have trouble knowing how to revise your work, or need to strengthen your writing skills? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a writing coach may be just the support you need to get on track. I bring years of coaching, teaching, and editing experience to the table, along with a personal and flexible approach to the craft of writing. I can help you with every phase of your writing project, from first conception to finished and published work, guiding you through the writing, revision, and publishing processes, Through personalized guidance and honest, thoughtful feedback, I can help you:

  • Develop and prioritize your writing objectives.
  • Set and achieve weekly, monthly, and yearly writing goals.
  • Overcome obstacles that get in the way of your progress.
  • Strengthen your writing voice.
  • Learn to write clearly, improve description, characterization, and plot.
  • Give your writing power and impact.

Coaching Areas

I love working with my students to develop and strengthen writing craft while completing fiction and creative nonfiction projects such as:

  • Book length novels and short stories
  • Memoir & personal essays
  • Journaling and freewriting
  • Technical writing
  • Course development

I can also help you format your work for submitting to magazines and publishers or for self-publishing as e-books and Print on Demand (POD), learn the ins-and-outs of self-publishing, and decide which direction is best for you.

How Coaching Works

Coaching is accomplished at your pace via email and live telephone or Skype conferences. To start, complete the questionnaire about your writing experience, challenges, and what you’d like to accomplish. I will then contact you to schedule our first session. During our first session, you and I will work closely to generate realistic, doable writing goals, while taking into consideration your writing dreams and writing constraints. Once your goals, objectives, and coaching schedule (i.e., weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly) are agreed upon, for each session,

  • You will send me a copy of your story, essay, or excerpt of a longer work (fiction, nonfiction, or memoir), up to 2,500 words, along with a brief description of your writing process, successes, struggles, and questions.
  • I read and return a commented copy of your work with suggestions for improvement and next steps to take in the writing or revision process. My recommendations are customized to fit your project goals and skill level. You may also receive recommendations for additional support materials, such as articles, magazines, and books, as appropriate.
  • You may also choose an optional, live 30 to 60-minute telephone or Skype session to discuss the comments and decide on next steps.

What You Need

You need only have a desire to write and the ability to use Microsoft Word and email.


Because writing is a process, I believe in keeping my fees as low as possible, making the learning process more accessible for everyone. You can buy coaching hours individually or, for better rates, in packages of 5 or 10 hours.

  • Hourly rate — $75.  
  • 5-hour pre-paid package — $325 (save $50)
  • 10-hour pre-paid package — $600 (save $150)

To Get Started

Complete the introductory questionnaire telling me about your writing background and what you hope to accomplish. You may also attach a writing sample (guidelines for samples are on the questionnaire).

Note: Openings for personal coaching are limited.


creative-108545_1280Manuscript evaluation/critique:

Includes reading and evaluating the manuscript (can be fiction, nonfiction, short story, essay, or any type of business document) to identify its strengths and weaknesses. I provide you with a full, 7 to 12-page report that includes suggestions for improvements where needed (organization/design, plot, characterization, use of conflicts, setting, dialog, point of view, general format, grammar, etc.).

Comprehensive Editing:

Includes whatever is needed to develop organized, accurate, and logical content that is suitable for the intended audience. I analyze the manuscript and edit for pacing, voice, tone, flow, and clarity, as well as check for redundancies, clichés, shifts in agreement, and point of view. This service includes copyediting (see below). I work closely with the author during the process.


Includes checking for consistency of style, spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.


Final examination of already edited document, checking for any remaining errors and inconsistencies.


FREE, no-obligation estimate provided.  I charge $65 per hour for editing and provide an estimate of the number of hours needed for the type of editing requested. To provide an estimate, I need to examine the first several pages of an article or two chapters and a synopsis of a book. There is an additional charge of $5 per hour for expedited/rush requests. For more information or to send a sample and receive your estimate, please complete the services inquiry form below.

Readers sometimes ask how much I edit my own writing. I edit until each paragraph has lost the ten pounds it gained over the winter. I edit until each sentence can survive three days in the wilderness on its own. My father taught me to look at a sentence and, if it didn’t deserve to live, shoot it between the eyes. ~ Sy Safransky (The Sun Magazine, May 2011)

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