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Word for Writers, Part 10 – Formatting Text 8

OF ALL THE FEATURES offered by word processing programs, you may be most familiar with formatting text and paragraphs — commonly changing fonts, bolding, italicizing, and underlining. In its essence, formatting involves selecting text and then applying a format command using menus or buttons. In this article, I’ll show you […]

Word for Writers, Part 8: Section Breaks 7

IN PART 7 OF WORD FOR WRITERS, I covered how to manage page breaks. Today, we’ll talk about section breaks. Many people work with Word for years without ever understanding or using Word’s sections. This may be due to the fact that many Word documents are only a single section. In […]

Word for Writers, Part 7: Managing Page Breaks 5

Do you habitually use paragraph returns to move text to the next page? Did you know that you can insert a page break anywhere in your document,  automatically forcing the following text to a new page, and that you can control how and where Microsoft Word positions automatic page breaks? […]

Word for Writers, Part 6: Managing Tracked Changes 7

In this final article on Microsoft Word’s Review Tab features, we’ll cover how to manage tracked changes. You may be wondering: What is Track Changes? And why would I want to use it in the first place? What is Track Changes? Track changes allows you to keep track of any […]

Word for Writers, Part 4: The Review Tab — Viewing Options 8

Working collaboratively with other writers or with editors requires knowing how to use the tools under Word’s Review Tab — particularly how to effectively use Track Changes and Comments. If you have felt intimidated by the idea of learning these features, you can now relax. It’s easier than it looks. […]

Word for Writers, Part 3: Changing Document Defaults 14

Do you usually change margins and font when starting a new Word document? For example, the standard for manuscripts formatting is 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced paragraph with a first line indent, and a 1” margin (top, bottom, left and right). However, Word’s defaults are 11 point Cambria, 1.15 line […]