Why Write?

BlogTalk: Memoir, Journal Writing, and Story 6

As I was in the process of developing my new workshop and soon-to-be course, Journaling for Memoir Writers, I spent time revisiting all the reasons for journaling that reach beyond the cathartic. Not that there’s anything wrong about writing for catharsis—it’s just that journaling often gets pigeonholed, as if it’s […]

Blogtalk: Journaling to Cope 3

It wasn’t that long ago that journaling was considered an odd use of time—at best, “navel gazing.” However, since research confirmed there are a number of benefits, including stress reduction and emotional healing, that result from writing regularly about emotions and thoughts (one way to use a journal), journaling has become […]

Why Write? Journaling for Memoir 11

When I want to write memoir, the first places I go for research (other than my memory) are my journals. They are my memory-keepers, containing more details of events and my responses to them than my feeble mind could ever hold. In addition to my perception of the facts (what […]

Why Write? Journaling to Achieve Your Goals 12

IN addition to many other reasons for journaling, your journal can function as a kind of personal coach — essentially, someone who helps you identify and achieve goals. Modeled after sports coaching, a personal coach holds you accountable, pushes you a little harder than you might push yourself, and cheers […]

Journal Writing Improves Your Powers of Perception 2

I attribute my increased perceptual powers to my journal writing practice. Why? Journaling helps me to:
* Think about physical descriptions — how things look, feel, taste, and sound.
* Be more aware of my emotional responses as they occur.
* Think about things in new ways (looking at things from different perspectives).
* Be more curious and interested in what is going on around me. …

Why Write? Exercise Creativity 2

Inside each of us is a deep well of creative energy, and writing is one way to pump this creativity to the surface. For example, we can use writing prompts to give our imagination a workout, for fun, or as exercises to warm up to our intended writing tasks. Once […]

Why Write? Personal Growth 1

Journal writing helps you explore how your responses to events in the past affect your life in the present. Reflecting on how you have reacted to past experiences and the subsequent results can help you understand what is and is not working in your life. This understanding brings with it the opportunity to take future actions that are healthy rather than harmful, helping you to grow as an individual. To be who you want to be.

Why Write? Making Meaning of the Meaningless 6

SOMETIMES life just doesn’t seem to make sense. Bad things happen to good people and good things happen to people who don’t seem to deserve them. Creative acts, such as journal writing and art, can help us uncover the personal value of every experience.

Why Write? Journaling Helps You do Life Better 1

Sometimes, getting started with a new challenge can seem like the hardest thing in the world. Human beings don’t mind hard work or long journeys; we’re just terrified of getting started! We procrastinate, and make excuses, and stick our heads in the sand. We pretend that if we just wait […]

Why Write? Taking Care of Yourself 9

EVERY day, or at least every other day, I make sure to take a few minutes to write in my journal. It is precious time, just for me. I have a tendency to get so involved in all my other commitments — work, family, taking care of the house and […]