Blogtalk: Journaling News 1

I’ve been reading so many good blog posts lately — about journal writing, writing in general, publishing, you name it.  And I’ve picked a few to share with you this week. If you’re the kind of person who constantly makes lists and sets goals, you might want (or need?) an […]

Journaling Through Life News Flash — 02/04/2011

I’ve been sending out Journaling Through Life as a separate e-zine for nearly a year now. For those of you who are not already subscribers, the e-zine discusses a particular topic and then provides seven journaling and life-writing prompts for the week. I’m happy to announce that as of next […]

FREE – Journaling 101 E-course 6

YOU CAN NOW receive my course, Journaling 101, absolutely FREE. Yep, you read that right. This four-week course, delivered directly to your email inbox is designed to help you start journaling today and supports you in making journal writing a delightful habit — one that you will look forward to each […]

Christmas Wishes 2

To my beloved readers, Wishing you joy and wonder in this season  of grace. In gratitude, Amber Lea Starfire – P.S. I will be on “blog vacation” between Christmas and the New Year. I believe that even the Internet needs a break now and then. Blessings to you all. _________________________________ – – […]

Journal Writing News — Art Journaling 4

ART JOURNALING — that is, integrating art and a variety of media into journal writing — is gaining popularity, if blog posts are anything to go on. This month’s Journaling News focuses on a few blog posts (out of the very many that exist out there) that highlight different ways of approaching art journaling.

Blogtalk: Journaling News — Journal Writing for Children

THIS WEEK’S BLOGTALK is the first of monthly posts that will highlight journaling news, research, and other blog posts about journaling. For today’s Journaling News, we’re taking a look at journal writing for children — the benefits, ways to get them writing, and tips for continued practice. This week’s National […]


ON MONDAY, I returned home from a weekend writer’s conference in Austin, Texas, bags heavy with books, inspirational quotes, and new writing tools. The conference, hosted by the Story Circle Network, an organization for women lifewriters (people who write about life), is held every two years. This was the second […]