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Dave Terry recently sent me a link to his blog post “Pile of Journals.” In his post, he tells the heartwarming story about how he and his son began journaling together. There are several things that his story demonstrates:

  1. Journaling is not just for adults (kudos to his son’s teacher for getting them started). Research has shown that keeping a journal, especially when the writer is able to write about his or her emotional upheavals or life challenges, can improve physical and mental health. What better time to start than before those angst-ridden teen years?
  2. Journaling (any writing, for that matter) is a positive habit that is developed by practicing. (See my journal writing tip, “Persistence Pays.”)
  3. Journaling is a source of inspiration. Writing about our lives allows us to document our achievements, helps us notice how strong we are (if we made it through that, we can make it through anything, right?), and provides a place where we can just be who we are, without judgment.
  4. Journaling is not just about writing. In fact, Dave’s site is all about illustrated journaling. I recommend browsing his site if you want to see how drawing/sketching and writing are complementary to your journaling experience.

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