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I’ve been reading so many good blog posts lately — about journal writing, writing in general, publishing, you name it.  And I’ve picked a few to share with you this week.

If you’re the kind of person who constantly makes lists and sets goals, you might want (or need?) an antidote to my article about journaling to help achieve goals posted earlier this week. In that case, you’ll enjoy Mo Seetubtim’s blog post, Why You Should Focus on Happiness Not Productivity. Not that there’s anything wrong with my article, but there is a place and a season for everything.

One of the things I love about journal writing
is its natural connection to memoir writing. (For me, it all comes under the general heading of “life-writing.”) If you’ve been journaling for a while and want to venture out into the world of memoir writing, I encourage you to participate in one or more of the ongoing contests over at Take a risk, spread your wings, and take your writing outside the private sphere of journaling.

I’ve recently discovered The Rumpus, an online magazine with an edge. Kate Geiselman’s post, Where I Write #3: Wherever and Whenever I can really spoke to me. If I’m serious about my writing, whether it’s journal writing or fiction, I need to be able to make room for it wherever and whenever I can. Right now, I have the luxury of sitting in my nice, quiet office. But sometimes, writing just happens because it needs to.

The other night I had the privilege of attending a reading by pulitzer prize winner, Jane Smiley. After the reading, one of the audience members asked her about her writing habits, and she said she writes all the time, even while she’s driving. (I tried to picture this, but couldn’t.) The point is, that to complete as many books as she has, she’s had to be persistent and disciplined.

Write the Story you Must Write is about ignoring the people who tell you what you should write and, instead, following your heart to write the book that feels urgent. Whether you’re writing a book or writing short memoir vignettes, this is true. Write what inspires you and, I believe, it will also inspire others.

Michael Hyatt is CEO of a publishing company, and I think his post, Six E-Book Trends to Watch in 2011 is spot on. I particularly like the ideas of e-book clubs and social reading.


Enjoying this week’s Blogtalk? Which articles speak to you and/or which articles don’t? Leave a comment and let me know.

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